Sometimes all God wants is obedience

This morning I spent a wonderful amount of time with Jesus. We didn’t do anything special, I did my daily devotion, prayed for people and put on my armor and was ready for the day. But it was so great and relaxing to know that I was exactly where He wanted me. The last couple of days I felt that I needed to read the whole chapter in my devotion instead of just the verse they give me and that is what I did today and that simple obedience made such a difference. The heavens didn’t open up nor did I hear an audible voice but I was reminded of a simple and thought-provoking revelation that sometimes all God wants from us is obedience.

I was reminded of the time He was calling me to go to Cambodia which was the last thing I had ever wanted to do… but I felt that all to familiar tug on my heart and started writing letters and telling people how God had changed my heart and I was going to Cambodia. Needless to say I never made it to Cambodia, God just wanted to see if I was willing to leave my comfort zone and really follow Him, If I was willing to obey Him. Shortly after the trip the real change came about and I felt Him calling me to be a part of a church plant. Now at the time I didn’t really care which one we were a part of I just simply had the urge to go! I know that doesn’t sound too fancy or anything but trust me I am a person who has hated change all of her life! I was a creature of habit and stability so for me to suggest such a thing was unheard of and truly God moving!

I was then reminded of a friendship that seemingly diminished in the course of a week and how God had been calling me to reconcile the relationship. I tried and tried and tried to no avail and then one day (almost a year later) break through! we were finally talking and seeing each other again. I thought surely our friendship will be the way it once was… But it’s not and probably never will be. God just wanted me to obey and let go of my pride and feelings and what I thought was right. He wanted me to obey and honor Him whether or not I got my way.

This morning I just so happened to come across a journal entry that was written just about a year ago this month. It was when I had decided to start praying for my friendship to be restored. It’s restored, it’s true, we do communicate more than we have since the fallout but it’s not anything like I thought it would be. And although it hurts I know that God is working all things together for our good. I am better because of it; I have grown significantly during this time apart and I am sure she could and would say the same thing.

Then I was reminded of something I read during our Jonah Bible Study by Priscilla Shirer.

Jonah Bible Study by Priscilla Shirer
this is a great study!

Pretty much it said do we sometimes make a deal with God to obey Him because we expect to get what we want from Him? What happens if you obey Him and still don’t get what you want, are you gonna be like Jonah; angry at God? I had to stop and evaluate things for a minute. I know that I did that for sure with my friendship. I decided to obey Him and reconcile so that I would get my friendship back and when it didn’t happen I wasn’t angry at God but I sure did question Him. Saying things like, “Well then why would you even put me through this God?” And you already know His answer was because I wanted you to obey. I want your heart to be in right standing with me…

I know that uprooting and going to Miami, Florida will be hard. It’s not suppose to be easy. But there are things that I am hoping for once we get there and I have to check myself and ask well if I don’t get them even though I am obeying God will I still praise Him and give Him the glory and honor that He deserves? Right now my answer is yes and I hope that when we get to our mission field in a few months that my answer will still be a BIG FAT SCREAMING FROM THE TOP OF MY LUNGS YES!! 

I guess I just felt the need to write this to let you all know that sometimes all God wants from you is your obedience. You may obey Him and still not get what you want. But just think about it, He’s in control of everything; and father ABBA daddy God really does know best! He’s not going to set you up for failure instead He is setting you and me both up for ultimate divine and eternal success!

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