My goals when I get home…

So I am reading Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure and it is pretty amazing! I am already half way through the book which is amazing because I’ve only been reading it for 2 days and I’m a slow reader, but this book is just that good anyway back to why I’m writing…

So as I was reading her book she goes over Luke 19:23-25 which pretty much says whoever wants to gain his life must lose it by picking up their cross daily and following Jesus, and what’s the point if you gained the whole world to lose your soul…

It got me to thinking, I die to myself everyday to spend time with the Lord and if I just made a few adjustments and died to myself in the areas of exercise and hair I would see some really awesome changes in my overall health, cause at the end of the day that’s what I am going for…

In this book she also mentions that our homes are a reflection of us and we need to get rid of things that we are not using that way our house can reflect the self-discipline we aim to achieve which brings me to my goals once I get home…

When I get home I will be getting rid of all my clothes I can no longer fit as well as anything else we are not or have not used… I will be adopting the good ol saying, “When in doubt, throw it out.” and everything must go, to include hair products, and yard sale finds I never used… Plus it will definitely help us scale down for when we go to Miami, which is an added plus.

During this time I will also be taking the time to wash, deep condition, moisturize my hair daily and style my hair in protective styles until we leave to Miami with the occasional twist out for special occasions.

I just want to live a healthier life in general and I am going to do my best to hit all the little areas to see my goals accomplished.

My eating plan will mostly consist of small portions with mostly water and the occasional sweet treat a couple of times a week I will also stop eating by 8:00 pm and will at least stretch daily if not do a simple workout each day!!

I know it sounds like a lot and that’s why I am asking you to be my accountability buddy… If you see me ask me how things are going? Ask me what I ate today? Ask me if I got rid of all those old clothes and yard sale finds, ask about my hair and it’s current state and if I’ve been treating it nicely… Ask me and I’ll tell you the truth and say thank you for asking… Thanks for the help and thanks for reading my somewhat random thoughts and goals for when I get home.

Note I said these are my goals for when I get home because now I am on a wonderful road trip to the eastern part of the country with my dear husband and our niece and our schedule is wacky although I am working on portion control… Until next time.

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