Life is short and sometimes unexpected!

So just in case you needed a reminder I thought I would let you know… Life is short and sometimes unexpected!!! Today I found out that one of my friend’s son was killed in a shooting. He was 20 years old and played football in college and he had so much potential. I feel sick to my stomach as I type this and my mind is in a whirl-wind. I can’t even imagine what she’s going through, I can’t find the words to pray for her so I am praying in the spirit for now, I am wondering if he was saved, and what’s happening with him on the other-side of this earth.

How unexpected was this news to me, and more so to his family… it has got me to thinking that everyone will die whether they like it or not, but what am I doing about it as a Christian… Now just to put your minds at ease, I am not gonna become this crazy Christian lady who starts to shove God down peoples throats to make sure they’ve heard the gospel before they die, but I will be more intentional when I speak to people. I will present the gospel to them over time and I will make sure that they know that His Love IS Real and all He wants is a genuine relationship with them.

If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to do so. Sorry if I just peed in your Cheerios, but I guess what I wanted you to know is that we really need to live more intentional lives and tell people about all the great things Jesus has done for us and be open to sharing our lives with them that way they can see the hope we have in Him. Please take a few minutes to lift my friend and her family up in prayers. I know I didn’t include her name but that’s the greatness about my God, He already knows exactly who I am talking about and He will know who you’re talking about when you pray for this family. Thanks so much and remember to live intentionally today!

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