God, exercise, and hair

So I have been learning more about God every day and it is pretty amazing how much closer I feel to him in such a short time. I have been learning the different names of God and thereby learning more of His attributes. I must say that my favorite name right now is Jehovah-rapha, which means healer, repairer, restorer, to make better… I mean there is something about knowing that no matter what occurs in life Jehovah-rapha my Jesus can take care of it. He is always making something better and continually restoring things in my life such as relationships that I thought where beyond repair.

Along with learning more about God I have been slightly convicted, slightly encouraged by my dad simply telling me that I filled out nicely and that I was healthy (he meant it as a compliment) to exercise. This is something that I have put off and pushed backed numerous times. At one point I would complain about the way I looked every day and yet not bother changing anything, that is until now… I am ready to make necessary changes to my diet and to actually start exercising on a regular basis!

I have also learned to take better care of my hair in the last couple of months. I have worn my hair natural for the pass 6 years but have always been to lazy to style it! I have been learning different techniques to styling my hair and taking care of my hair so that it remains healthy and I am looking forward to the results, I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned is that good styling and healthy hair takes time! I am not going to see major results overnight nor will I get things right the first time but if I stay consistent and persevere I will see my hair at its finest. Afterall, patience is a virtue right?

Ok so why the seemingly random paragraphs on three seemingly different topics? Well that’s because I had an aha moment in the shower! I thought I am trying to do these things to live a more healthy and devoted life so why not record my journey by writing it down in a journal! I know it sounds really easy and I am sure it will be but it just came to me… I have always known that I am most effective when I write things down, and for my exercise and hair to be where I want it to be my method can’t be any different.

I already have notebooks galore for all the great things Jesus has said to me over the years and the sermons I’ve listened to so why not journal about the changes my body and hair are going through with Jesus’ help . Who says He won’t help me stay focused and determined in these two aspects of my life. And whats to say that during my times of working out or doing my hair God won’t speak to me? I will also keep you updated on how things are going but I will get a journal to document my progress as well. I am so excited to jumpstart these aspects of my life with some Holy Spirit help of course… thanks for stopping by, Until next time…

P.S. the update on my dad’s visit will be coming soon, I am still trying to process it all, but it’s been better than I ever thought it would be…

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