The Devil is a LIAR

I just finished watching Preacher’s Kid and I was so disgusted! It wasn’t  the acting that got me although it wasn’t top-notch; no instead it was the lie from the enemy that this beautiful woman of God believed! I know this is just a movie but it is still so true and it doesn’t just happen to the preacher’s kid, it happens to everyone! in the movie the PK  thought that she needed to go out into the world and live her life; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but she forgot to take all the foundations she had growing up… where she was once on fire for the Lord she barely even knew His name by the end of it all.

Now of course it’s a movie so there was a happy ending and she came back to the Lord by the time the 90 minute movie was over and was married to her lifelong child hood friend and even got a record deal out of it… but like I said it was a movie!

I know that people come back to the Lord I also know that in most cases it takes way longer than 90 minutes and more has happened than just a few bumps and bruises along the way. Life happens, mistakes are made that can’t be taken back and most of all the person often feels like they’ve messed up so much that God can’t or won’t forgive them!

Well I am here to tell you that THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!!! John 10:10 says, “the thief comes ONLY to steal, kill and destroy.” Which simply means that the devil will try EVERYTHING to destroy you, whether it’s enticing you with money, alcohol, partying, immoral relationships, power, drugs whatever; he will do ALL he can to make sure you never know that you are forgiven and that the God of heaven and earth loves and cares for you in such a way that He sacrificed his own son so that you could spend eternity with Him instead of in hell with satan and all his lies!

I know this to be true because a good portion of this is my testimony! I was never a preacher’s kid, or a kid who grew up in church although I still knew right from wrong; no instead I was enticed by an immoral relationship that I thought was true love because the man I was with knew so much about me and was everything I’d ever dreamed of.

He was the only person I ever talked to about my dad, who in case you didn’t know spent most of my life in and out of prison. And I thought this man was sent by God to love me the way I’ve always wanted to be loved! And He did! This man did all the right things, and said all the right words, but at the end of the day he wasn’t mine. He was someone else’s husband and father.

For a long time I thought that what I had experienced was love at it’s finest. That I would never find anything better in my whole life. Of course this is not true because God has blessed me with a man who truly is MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR! Who loves me but loves the Lord even more.

But for so long I’d look back on that relationship and wonder what went wrong. At one point I realized that the man I once loved had become my idol and I put him before God so he had to go… which is true but as I grow deeper in the Lord, I see the bigger picture; this whole time I was dating a distraction sent to me by the devil himself to keep me from knowing my value, and how high and deep and wide the Lord loves me. The enemy didn’t want me to know about the hope and the future the Lord has for me; because it entails destroying his plots and schemes and revealing him to others!

No, No, the enemy tried to destroy me, he definitely stole from me and some thought that I’d kill myself after that relationship was over. BUT GOD came to my rescue and lavished me with His love and brought me out of darkness and despair into HIS MARVELOUS light! It makes me mad that the enemy used me like that! It makes me mad to know that I fell for the schemes of the enemy BUT GOD is opening my eyes to see the schemes of the enemy in a new way… and I know that it will be most effective for this new journey He is taking me on.

I know that there will be lives forever changed by this new insight of mine and no longer will I stand by and watch the enemy steal, kill and destroy people around me. Instead I will walk out the plans that the Lord has for me to change things and not be satisfied until all the world knows that the devil is a liar.

But most of all I want people to know how to combat his lies and end up not only victorious but triumphant in the Lord! His love IS real and He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted and to set the captives free declaring that simple truth to all the world! I feel Him stirring up a new thing in me and I may not know everything but I know I’m ready to do it anyway!  To God be the Glory forever and ever AMEN!

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