Food for thought

So let me paint this picture for you all… It’s been a hot and humid almost summer day. I along with my coworkers eat lunch outside which leads me to sweat constantly and never really get cool enough. I am drinking water throughout the day. After work I get into my car which is like 10 degrees hotter because I didn’t leave my windows cracked or down… which leads me to sweat even more… by the time I get home I am very well aware that if nothing else I must change my shirt before my presentation that night.

I am at the youth group getting ready to give my presentation, I’m fine until I have to speak… there goes that sweat again… I’m talking and talking and talking and I am really noticing that I need some water, of course all I find is punch because it’s a youth group, and water is almost like a vegetable to them so you know it’s no where near their vicinity.

So once I am done with the presentation I am yearning for some water, I even contemplate calling my husband asking him to have a tall glass of water waiting just for me when I open the door to the house. I drive home park the car (of course) open the door and go straight to the fruity drink I left from dinner, well by then it taste like water but it’s got me in the mood for something sweet so instead of getting my nice tall glass of water I go and pour a nice big size helping of sweet punch and I am left unsatisfied, still in fact wanting the water that I should have gotten in the first place.

As I am looking into my empty glass highly disappointed I hear God whispering to me saying, ” See, that’s what people do to me all the time, they long for water to quench their thirst yet they settle for something less because it is more flavorful.”  I thought to myself wow, who would have thought that me being undisciplined and  going for punch instead of water would lead me to a revelation like this…

It was said so simply yet it was so true, many times people know they need Jesus but go a different way at the last-minute because something seemingly more fun distracts them. It doesn’t matter if the whole time people are telling them about how His love IS real or not, they don’t want to hear about it because there’s this lie that people believe that says if I love Jesus with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength like it says to do in Mark 12:30, then I will never have any fun ever again!

It’s a sad lie that the enemy wants each person to believe so that he can continue to hold them captive from the freedom that knowing and loving God brings you. Don’t believe the lie instead believe the love that God is for you not against you Romans 8:31. And the next time you are yearning for some water don’t settle for punch, tea, coffee, or soda. Go for the one thing that is sure to quench your thirst: Water!

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