Pay Attention

NO not you, me! That’s what the Lord’s been speaking to me recently… when I say recently I really mean the last few days but He’s been very adamant about telling me to Pay Attention… I almost feel like I have been in this foggy haze and he’s breaking me out of it so that I can see and become more aware of how others see me and everything else around them.

I guess the first encounter was on Tuesday at prayer I was a little discombobulated so I wasn’t really paying that much attention as to what was being said and my confusion made someone laugh at the wrong time… not because of what was being said but because of how I looked; so exasperated amongst everyone else. It happened twice that night, and He is just reminding me now that people are watching me even when I don’t realize that they are so Pay Attention.

Yesterday I went to the store and got a few items I got home and didn’t unpack one bag so I thought they forgot my item and I went all the way back to Wal-Mart stood in line for like 10 minutes and then realized I hadn’t checked the last bag… and I heard the Lord saying see… Pay Attention to detail, check all your facts before you make any assumptions…

Then last night the hubby and I were at a friend’s house playing games with the kids and I  said something not entirely bad but not appropriate for the child to repeat which they did and I found the Lord saying see… Pay Attention, people especially children hear you even when you don’t think they are listening.

Under any normal circumstance I would have felt pretty beat up about not paying attention but my daddy God has told me to Pay Attention in such a loving and gentle way that all I want to do is Pay Attention, I want Him to open my eyes to whatever it is that He wants me to see regardless of if I think it matters or not because more than likely it matters to Him.

Apparently He is trying to prepare me for something and I just don’t want to miss it. I want all eyes on deck (my physical and spiritual ones) so that I can focus in on what He wants me to see so that I can move forward in what He has for me.

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