Glory Conference Road Trip

Me and two other friends went up to Santa Claus, IN for the annual Glory Conference and it was truly life changing. There was open worship (dancing, painting, singing), prayer, prophecy, the word, His presence, arts and crafts, strangers that became friends, good food, laughter, joy, intimate moments, and tears…. I came back with a peace I have never had before ready to rock this world for the sake of Jesus simply because I learned about God’s Authority and I now know that He has given me that same authority! I’ve always heard about it but now I actually BELIEVE it! Therefore I have nothing to fear… God definitely showed up in that place from the awesome worship and the word to the dancing and painting. He was even there during jewelry making… He was there to show each one of us that His Love IS Real… and that being submitted to His authority is the best way to live our lives. Nothing can stop me now as long as I continue on according to His will! I hope you all enjoy our pictures! And I highly encourage every woman who reads this to make plans to go to next years conference! I know I’ll be there! Oh and if you like the paintings you see they were done by an amazing woman of God Linda Harris-Iorio. You can check out the rest of her work at

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