It’s exhausting! But it’s totally worth it. Tonight I experienced a freedom like none other… no really I did. The Lord has opened the box the enemy has kept me in and He told me in love that it was time for me to go and set others free! I don’t know how or when but I do know that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER!

Therefore I am free to use the authority the Lord has given me to set those who I will come into contact free… It’s like I’m a brand new person and I am excited to share my new me with people. It may happen sooner than I realize but I know that He has prepared me for such a time as this and it is my job as His servant to obey!

Freedom, it’s just the first taste and my mind is already racing I can only imagine what my life is going to be like when I experience the whole thing. Its gonna be a long road ahead but I will NOT go back in that box nor will I focus on the mirage that the enemy had me staring at all this time. Instead I will hold my head up high and know that because the Lord lives inside of me I CAN DO ANYTHING! Freedom, it’s something worth fighting for and I’m ready who’s with me?


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