HE knows what I need

There has been so many things going on in my life and all the while He has known what I needed. He knew that I needed to be in contact with my family and allowed me to go on an awesome road trip with my aunt Wilma and the rest of her family whom I hadn’t seen since I was like 5.  He also knew that I needed some really good hang out time with friends and I have gotten that and much more. I got to spend the day with my sorority sisters and go wedding dress shopping! It was so awesome to see the transformation on my sister’s face when she came out with those dresses on. It was such a special moment and He knew how honored I was to be apart of it. I have also had a couple of game nights with friends which is always fun and many coffee dates with others. There have been numerous Facebook conversations with far away friends and text messages with those needing prayer and advice.

It’s in those little things that He shows me how He’s using me. I may not think it’s much at first but if I just sit back for a moment and think about it I would realize how important it is. I mean it makes my day to get an email from an old friend or a text message from someone just saying, “hello I was thinking about you.”  So why should my efforts be any less important.  I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything like that I am just realizing that I tend to put less importance on the things that I do for others even though it’s the same things I would praise them for doing and God is just opening my eyes to see that its okay for me to praise my self every once in a while.

He knows that I need some grade A quality time with my husband and I have gotten nothing but the best time with him. We sit up and talk to each other about whatever we feel like talking about. We go for walks, we go to our favorite coffee place to read and talk. We play games together, we watch t.v. and movies together, we are becoming more aware of each others time and feelings and its been pretty amazing!

He knows that there are times when I need closure on some things and He is providing me with that slowly but surely. There are still many memories I would love to forget like the fact that today is someones birthday whom I wish to forget…  Even though I haven’t forgotten certain things yet He is there holding my head up cheering me on telling me that He loves me and He is right there beside me. He’s getting me through the tough times where I have to remember the person I use to be and He’s telling me that my testimony is valuable to the advancement of His kingdom.

He’s allowing me to pray through some things because He knows exactly what I need and when I need it and He also knows what I don’t need and how I will thank Him for it later like I always do. He is in control of everything therefore He will make all things work together for my good and give me exactly what I need because HIS LOVE IS REAL and at the end of the day that’s all that matters!

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