Pastors are people too

So I am laying in my bed after a longer day than usual more exhausted than I’ve been in a really long time but I can’t get this idea out of my head. Pastors are people too!
I am currently in Atlanta for a church planters conference and some of my fellow road trippers are pastors. While riding in the car with a group of them I couldn’t help but notice the conversation they were having; it was about super heroes and which one would be the best fight to watch. They had it down to some sort of science and it was actually really interesting to hear. Then at dinner we had normal conversations with a few jokes thrown in there for good measure I have been dubbed pookey for this trip by one of my fearless leaders and even though that has never been a nick name of mine I’ll gladly answer to the name for the time being.
Although I’ve seen the “regular” side of my pastors before I thought you all should know that yes our pastors are in fact people too! Yes they put their pants on the same way (although I haven’t seen this first hand it’s a pretty safe assumption) and they have their favorite road trip music. They also have to utilize the facilities during inopportune times. They stop for snacks and drink coffee at midnight. They can’t help but attack the complementary cookies located at the front desk and yes sometimes they are even loud and proud.
They love Jesus just like we do and they struggle just like we do, they pray just like we do and they are triumphant just like we are when God shows up just in time! They are God’s chosen people just like we are and they need to be encouraged just like we need encouragement. So next time when you think that our pastors are unapproachable just remember that they are just like you. And whatever you need they probably need it too.

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