A lot has happened

I have been super busy these last couple of days and I have been trying to recoup. I know its been a while since I have posted anything so I am going to take this time to catch you all up on what’s been going on.

Okay so first I had to prep for the Father-Daughter purity ball. You know getting all the last-minute details in order. Making sure that all the decorations that I was in charge of showed up on time/ were done to completion. Then came the day where we decorated the morning of the first night of the ball. Decorating was very time-consuming but it was definitely worth it. The place was beautiful. Everything came together wonderfully. But what I witnessed that night at the ball was more than I bargained for. Going into the night I simply thought it was a night for dads and daughters to get together and have fun. However I found out that it was the most precious thing I had ever witnessed. Tons of dads and their beautiful daughters all dressed up in their best ready to have a great time together. I couldn’t help but think about  what an impact that night was making on the lives of all those young ladies. How they were being shown what a real date looks like. What respect really looks like. How to act in public on a date. How they should be treated. I could definitely see all the little girls all grown up at their weddings thinking back to the night their daddies took them to the father daughter purity ball and treated them like the princesses they are. It was a beautiful moment and I had tears in my eyes the whole night. Partly because of the beauty I had just witnessed and partly because of the absence of my own father. There were never any daddy daughter dates for me nor was he around to do things like that. It just made me realize how important a dad to a daughter really is. Although the moment was bittersweet. One of my friends reminded me that I have a husband that will be a wonderful father. So my daughters won’t have to feel the same way I feel right now. He did end up taking a few young ladies to the ball as kinda of a sneak peek to whats in his future.

two people dancing
Bill and Megan dancing at the Purity Ball

On top of all that the purity ball was three days long so every night I had to watch a whole different set of girls experience the joys of having that special time with their fathers. I haven’t even mentioned that the date of the last day of the purity ball would have also been my godson Cylis’ 6th birthday! He died like five years ago. Which I couldn’t believe. I hadn’t realized that he was gone that long or that he would have been that old already. I still remember him being in his mommy’s belly. and I still remember where I was when I got the call that he was born. I was in Fort Polk, LA at a military training exercise waiting for that call. I was so ecstatic when I got the message. His mom sent me tons of pictures and I even got one of the few footprints in clay he allowed his mother to get (he was always moving around). He was so adorable and had the biggest blue eyes. He was such a spark of life. I miss him a whole bunch. I use to think that I would get him some time during the summer and we would have a ton of fun and take lots of pictures and make tons of memories. But that didn’t happen. I went home in July and found out in August he was gone. I was deployed when I found out he died and of course I couldn’t go home and it was probably one of the worst days of my life. There was nothing I could do and nothing I could say to make his mom feel any better and there was no one to help me express my pain. That was on Saturday the 5th of February.

a beautiful baby boy
My Baby Cy!

On Sunday one of the busiest days of the week for me and my husband we found out that my husband’s father had a heart attack. He lives all the way in Maine and seeing my husband react to the news was almost unnerving. It immediately reminded me of the vows we took for better or worse through sickness and health… but I didn’t know what to say and I was trying my best to be sensitive to the situation but I think I came up a tad bit short on that end. When a situation occurs I am not one to usually panic instead I try to get enough information in order to fix the situation. But we were both kind of helpless until we got more information. It was just really hard to see my husband so vulnerable.

a family
Bill is standing directly behind is dad

On Monday I had the wonderful opportunity to take some young ladies out to celebrate a birthday. we went bowling had dinner went to the mall and then came back to my house to play games… it was a great night and I had a ton of fun but it was a lot of work.

4 girls getting ready to  bowl
the birthday girl is in yellow!

Oh yeah, our 2 year wedding anniversary is in about six days and I still don’t have anything to wear nor do I have his present finished. I am crocheting him a cotton blanket and I still only have a square, although it is slowly turning into a rectangle. He knows what it is cause he kinda ruined the surprise but I would still like to give him a complete blanket before our next anniversary…. I hope to get it done some time next month… it’s a pretty big project and I just started crocheting in December. I know I know what was I thinking…. well I’ll tell you. my husband is always cold so why not make him a blanket…. that’s what I was thinking.

a couple at their wedding
us at our wedding two years ago!

So that’s what I have been up to thus far. Oh yeah and it’s snowing yet again. But through it all God has kept me going strong because His love is real! Sorry for keeping you waiting I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve been up to lately. I’ll be back soon!

One thought on “A lot has happened

  1. Terri, you make me smile and tear up reading your thoughts! You are a super special lady and I am glad to call you friend!

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