Looking out my window


a picture of trees at dusk
the view from my window

Looking out my window has become a great pleasure for me these last couple of days. I have been able to sit and watch the snow fall and make everything I see snow-covered mysteries. It was a special delight to catch a squirrel frolicking up and down the tree during the snow fall and its been sweet to see families playing outside with one another while they still have the time to do so.

Even though life seems to be at a stand still within my home at the present moment I know that outside people are captivated by life in motion. There are dreams being made, stories being told, secrets being shared. Life for those outside my window is moving forward; as it should be. And in a matter of what seems like moments my life will continue forward as well. Both between and beyond these walls. God has a plan for me this year. I just know it. Never have I been so ready for a year until now. It is almost like the Lord is telling me this is my time, He has made me for such a time as this… and regardless of how I thought I would act I’m ready! Well I may not be all the way ready but at least I’m not freaking out over all the changes like I normally do. I guess this girl is growing up and realizing that you can’t stop God’s will for people’s lives. No matter what happens as long as it is the will of God nothing else matters.

When I look outside my window I cant help but dream about all the great things the Lord has in store for me this year. What will the faith journey be like this time? Will it be easier, or full of obstacles, will it be full of supporters or will it be raided with those who are against us? Will it be familiar or foreign? I’m sure it will be nothing I expected yet everything I needed and at the end of it all I will be exactly where He wants me to be.

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