You wont win cold sore!

What is it about a cold sore that has the power by its mere appearance to steal the persons dignity and beauty? I have no idea but I’ll tell you one thing I will no longer be holding my head down in shame over something as minute as a cold sore upon my lip. I’ve battled with it all day since I saw it this morning. It came like a thief in the night with no warning… I thought I was just imagining things this morning but I still applied some medication in the hopes that I wouldn’t need it however by the time I got home from work it was no use the cold sore was big, blotchy, and red demanding my attention as well as everyone to look at it. Now I could just be a little paranoid that everyone is looking at it instead of my face but I doubt it.

Throughout this battle today I have heard the still small voice of my Lord telling me that I am STILL beautiful! He has been telling me not to let the enemy lie to me or steal my joy. He has been my constant encourager when all I could see was my cold sore and not the rest of my face or my blessed life for that matter. His love is real and it doesn’t matter what you look like or even how you feel about yourself. So to you Mr. cold sore, I will not allow you to devalue me with your presence because My God is bigger and better than you! Booyah!

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