Two minutes and thirty-four seconds

that’s how long I spoke with my dad. He called me from California to remind me that it was my sister’s birthday. Although I in no way shape or form needed the reminder call I guess I was just elated that he in fact remembered her birthday. He called me a day early for mine this year and I didn’t have to heart to tell him that it was the next day… although I am pretty sure he figured it out and if not I guess I’ll get a Happy Birthday a day early every year until he passes cause I’m not gonna correct him. After all its the thought that counts. And coming from him that’s huge. Now I’m not trying to paint a picture of my dad as some horrible guy that can’t even remember his own kids birthday, that is not my goal at all but you should know that my dad has not always been in a place where he could call us on our birthday and it not cost us anything.

During that short conversation he also told me that he had been out for just over a year and automatically I had flashbacks of “yeah I heard that before” but then I had to quickly correct myself because unlike the last time I heard those words this time he has more to lose. He has a fiance; who indeed loves him regardless of his shady past. He has grand-babies; none which are mine I might add. And he actually has 2 different jobs all the while being the one to take care of his mother.

I prayed long and hard for the man I am named after many years before I ever really had a relationship with the Lord. But it was in that two-minute and thirty-four second conversation that I realized that My Father has indeed changed my dad! He is not the man that he use to be nor does he do the things that he use to do and that’s because of the infinite power and unconditional love of the One who created me, whom I call Abba Father, Daddy God! His Love IS Real and its changing lives everyday. I just thought you should know!

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